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Classnotes 2 explained - Classnotes 2 What are the 4 types...

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Classnotes 2 What are the 4 types of descriptive methods of studying behavior? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these methods? Naturalistic : when psychologists systematically observe and record behaviors as they occur in their natural settings. Usually, the researchers try to avoid being detected by their subjects, whether people or nonhuman animals. The goal is to detect the behavior patterns that exist naturally—patterns that might not be apparent in a laboratory or if the subjects knew they were being watched. Advantages it allows researchers to study human behaviors that can’t ethically be manipulated in an experiment, like if they wanted to study childhood bullying; it can be used wherever patterns of behavior can be openly observed. Disadvantages Observers can distort information, Results can change if the subject becomes aware they are being observed, it isn’t very accurate Case Study : an intensive, in-depth investigation of an individual or small group; involves compiling a great deal of info often from a variety of different sources to construct a detailed picture of the person; the subject may be intensively interviewed, and his or her friends, family, and co-workers may be interviewed as well. They are used to investigate rare, unusual, or extreme conditions. Advantage can develop understanding not obtained from examining experimental findings Disadvantage its dependence on a single case renders it incapable of providing a generalizing conclusion; Often gets biases from the
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Classnotes 2 explained - Classnotes 2 What are the 4 types...

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