Classnotes 1 explained - Chapter 1 What do Psychologists...

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Chapter 1 What do Psychologists know about first impressions? (e.g., 6 universal facial emotions) It takes 15-30 seconds to form a 1 st impression but 2- 3 years to undo a 1 st impression. It is an evolutionary trait and is hardwired (starts at birth) b/c we need to know quickly what your intentions are. Our brain is like 4.5 million years old…it’s self preservation 6 universal: happy, surprise, sad, disgust, fear, anger. These are recognized regardless of culture & can’t be manipulated over time. ‘Happy’ is impossible to fake b/c of specific eye muscles used to smile. Know the official definition of Psychology Psychology: the science of behavioral & mental processes Behavior: an action that is observable Mental Process Cognitions: non- observable thought, feeling or emotion; often leads to a behavior… love, jealousy Be familiar with 7 subfields of Psychology we discuss in class. I. Biopsychology: connection between body & brain; includes endocrine system, nervous system, neuron-brain activity, chemical transmissions. They might ask “why do we get ‘red in the face’ when our mate talks to another suitor. They would probably say b/c you’re increase in heart rate, dilation of veins, increased epinephrine, adrenaline in system, sympathetic autonomic nervous system is engaged, “fight or flight” response II. Evolutionary (Sociobiology): application of the principles of evolution to explain psychological processes & phenomena; attempts to
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Classnotes 1 explained - Chapter 1 What do Psychologists...

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