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Classnotes 7 part 2 explained

Classnotes 7 part 2 explained - Understand operant...

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Unformatted text preview: Understand operant conditioning in terms of punishment and reinforcement (BOTH positive and negative). Operant : skinner’s term for an actively emitted or voluntary behavior that operates on the environment to produce consequences Operant Conditioning : the basic learning process that involves changing the probability that a response will be repeated by manipulating the consequences of that response. Reinforcement : the occurrence of a stimulus or event following a response that increases the likelihood of that response being repeated Positive reinforcement : adding a stimulus and the response is strengthened b/c something is added or presented like saying good at a dog after a trick Negative reinforcement : a response is strengthened b/c something is being subtracted or removed like taking aspirin to get rid of a headache Conditioned reinforcer : a stimulus or event that has acquired reinforcing value by being associated with a primary reinforcer Punishment : the presentation of a stimulus or event following a behavior that acts to decrease the likelihood of the...
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