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midterm 1 Studyguide - Master Harold and the boys Hally...

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Master Harold and the boys Hally- spoiled brat who treats Sam and Willie like crap Sam- like a father figure to Hally; teaches Willie to dance Willie- is in a dance contest It takes place in Port Elizabeth during a time of racism and European occupation Insighting Incident: Hally’s dad is coming home Rising Action: Sam is constantly coming to the rescue for Hally. He is the “man of magnitude”. Hally thinks life is hopeless, but Sam tells him about the dancing. Hally is getting tense and unhappy b/c it becomes clear that his dad is coming home. Climax: 2 nd kite story, when Hally spits on Sam, Sam will never call him anything else than Master Harold. M. Butterfly Rene Gallimard: a French diplomat in China Song Liling: a performer from Madame Butterfly and the man that Gallimard thinks is a woman and is having an affair with Renee: an American woman that Gallimard has an affair with, but is not sensitive enough Chin, Suzuki, Fang: Song’s contacts and is telling secrets to that he gets from Gallimard Helga: Gallimard’s wife who cannot get pregnant Love: as peculiar as it may be, it is an intense love story… What would you do for the perfect love? Gallimard committed treason and went to prison for it, but still loves the image. The author is warning us to be careful about falling in love w/a fantasy The East World is feminine and the West World is masculine Episodic Play… we are the audience Gallimard has been waiting for (I.I.) Ogun’s Sacrifice Ogun goes through the abyss b/c the other Gods are sad that there aren’t any humans and they are lonely. When he went thru the abyss, he was cut into 1000 pieces. He puts himself back together again even though it is extremely painful for him. “…we will all live together, the Gods and the demons, the good and the evil…” the suffering of a people, the rise of a hero, the willingness to sacrifice for the good of others and ultimate redemption… early tragic impulse, suffering for the people Uzume’s Trance Amateratsu- Sun Goddess; her consort tells her she looks old today and she turns him into a boulder; then she goes into a cave vowing never to come out Consort/ Boulder- gets turned into a boulder by Amateratsu Uzume- dances and sings in a funny manner at the end to get the sun goddess to come out of the cave. Amateratsu comes out of the cave at the end b/c she hears all this laughter. While she was in the cave, the people suffered b/c of the lack of sun.
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Antigone Antigone: daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta Ismene: Antigone’s sister Creon: the new king of Thebes, Antigone’s uncle Haimon: Creon’s son and Antigone’s fiancé Eurydice: Creon’s wife Antigone and Ismene’s brothers Eteocles and Polyneices both died when they were fighting against each other. But Eteocles fights on behalf of Thebes, while Polyneices is
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midterm 1 Studyguide - Master Harold and the boys Hally...

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