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Classnotes 3 Define ‘Biopsychology’ or ‘Biological Psychology’ Biological psychology: the scientific study of the biological bases of behavior and mental process. It emphasizes of the idea of a biological approach to the study of psychological processes. It makes important contributions to neuroscience— the scientific study of the nervous system. As neuroscientists, biophyschologist s bring their expertise in behavior and behavioral research to the scientific endeavor. Know the parts of the neuron and their function: Glial Cells (glue cells): support cells that assist neurons by providing structural support, nutrition, and removal of cell wastes; manufacture myelin. They outnumber neurons by 10:1, but are smaller. Evidence is growing that glial cells also play an active role in the signaling and communication of info between neurons. 3 Types of neurons Sensory : they convey info about the environment, such as light or sound, from specialized receptor cells in the sense organs to the brain. Motor : communicate info to the muscles and glands of the body to relax or contract Interneurons (related to reflex arc and perception): communicate info between neurons. Most of the neurons in the human nervous system are interneurons, and many interneurons connect to other interneurons. Neurons: 3 main parts Cell body : provide energy for the neuron to carry out its functions Dendrites : receive info from other neurons & sensory receptors Axon ; carries neuron’s message to other body areas Myelin sheathing : is present on the axons of some neurons & increases neuron communication speed. Multiple sclerosis (MS): a disease that involves the degeneration of patches of the myelin sheath. It causes the transmission of neural messages to be slowed or interrupted, resulting in disturbances in sensation and movement. Muscular weakness, loss of coordination, and speech and
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classnotes 3 explained - Classnotes 3 Define ,Biopsychology...

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