Lesson 9 - Rain, Rain Go Away, Who's to Blame? -It can come...

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Rain, Rain Go Away, Who’s to Blame? -It can come in all forms of precipitation that you might encounter if you went outside - snow, hail, fog, etc -Components of Acid Deposition: Rain, Snow, Hail, Fog, Ice, Sulphate aerosols -There are natural sources of Sulfur and NOx… volcanic activity, lighting - SO 2 + 1/2 O 2 SO 3 SO 3 + H 2 O H 2 SO 4 NO X + H 2 O HNO 3 Where’s the Problem? PH issues - Much of Europe has been impacted by acid deposition, the famous Black forest has been severely hit and many lakes in Sweden no longer hold any fish. -Europe is also a special case as this is where the industrial revolution started (also lots of high S-coal) and so it should be no surprise that the impacts have been felt there. -In the US, it is the North East that is suffering the most from the impact of acid deposition b/c: Population is high in the NE , Coal is the major utility fuel , Industrialization is heavier in the NE , Weather patterns -We use a pH meter and the pH scale to determine how acidic (or its opposite - alkaline) the water is. -to be acidic the rain (or snow, or. ........... ) must be below (more acidic) 5.3 on the pH scale. Impact on Fish, Trees & Statues - Biodiversity reduction: As the acidity becomes significant the life that the river can support is reduced to the more resilient fish. -Acid Shock: Recall that not only can rain be acidic, but hail and snow too. When spring arrives the snow melts. If the snow was acidic, then there can be an acid event that can kill many of the fish in the stream (tends to be streams because of the dilution factor in some of the rivers). The technical term is an episodic shock (or acid shock). -Aluminum: There are all sorts of metals and minerals in the rocks and soil that are dissolved by the acidic water and washed into the streams. Aluminum (Al) is of major concern as it can interfere in the breeding cycle. -Mercury:
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Lesson 9 - Rain, Rain Go Away, Who's to Blame? -It can come...

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