Theatre2 - THEA 100 Study Guide#2 1 Yes You are expected to...

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THEA 100 - Study Guide #2 1. Yes. You are expected to retain the information from the first exam and study guide. 2. Be familiar with the significance and/or contribution of the following plays and playwrights: Lysistrata by Aristophanes : made fun of the pelopanesean war. About all the women in Greece locking themselves in a building and restraining from sex with their husbands until they ended the war. The husbands begged for the women who also wanted to be with their husbands and the husbands used the womens babies to lure them out. Used “huge” props to exaggerate certain parts. Comedy. Pantalone’s Gold : commedia del arte that was based around the inamorati who fell in love at first sight but isabela was promised to the capitano and her father the pantalone. They were helped by their servants and convinced her blind father that lelio was the capitano after convincing the capitano that his greatest fear pirates were after him The Drunkard (melodrama): 3 hours long; very popular and toured major cities; everyone says exactly who they are and what they mean; broad clear gestures; about a lady and her child who follows her drunk husband to the US and is violated by the “bad guy” and then saved by an American “hero” Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen: written by Henry Ibsen; realistic play intrigued by women who didn’t leave their husband during the Victorian periods even though they knew they were sleeping with someone else. This women wanted to leave her husband after finding out he was sleeping with the maid for a reverend but was adviced by him not to and to stay although their love was undeniable. The Children’s Hour by Lillian Hellman The Crucible by Arthur Miller And the School of Theatre Production(s) you were assigned: Push: playwright: Rob Casley, wanted to experience a new play and playwright came in only with the feeling not a script. Between the actors, director and writer they developed a script based off of peoples fears and personalities. Die Fledermaus 3. Know the contributions or significance of the following persons, characters or groups: George II, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen: First director inherited a mediocre theatre upon gaining title of duke; overthrew his own father; reformed theatre; instisited on play specific costumes, scenary, and props (before there was no need for a designer actors wore what they wanted and used same scenary everytime); abolished star system and insisted a production should be rehearsed as long as needed; unified production concept (research and analysis) can’t have multiple interpretations
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Theatre2 - THEA 100 Study Guide#2 1 Yes You are expected to...

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