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final paper outline

final paper outline - FINAL PAPER PROMPT How do the films...

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FINAL PAPER PROMPT How do the films we’ve watched in class about the murdered women of Juárez compare to the books we’ve read? Analyze the type of information presented in two of the films, the way the victims are represented, the way the perpetrators are represented, the level of each film’s political engagement vs. a more commercial purpose, the theories and solutions proposed or suggested for why the crimes are occurring. What did the films add to your understanding of the Juárez femicides? What did they leave out? Why would or wouldn’t you recommend these films to a general audience that knew nothing about the crimes? How would you evaluate the overall representational value* of these films? *Representational value means the films attempt to represent the Juárez femicides with attention to historical/political facts and cultural accuracy. Books: Desert Blood The killing Fields Daughters of Juarez Movies: Senorita Extrviada The Virgin of Juarez Las Muertas de Juarez On the Edge: Femicide in Juarez Outline I. Intro II. Review of Books - - - III. Review of Movies - - IV. Portrayal of Victims - - V. Portrayal of Perpetrators - - VI. Purpose of films/Proposed solutions - VII. Value of Films - 1. I just closed the book, and frustration and shock is my initial and obvious reaction. I don’t think I have ever read a book this graphic in so many ways. There is absolutely nothing that is sugarcoated or
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left out, which is why the book is so enraging and enlightening. The brutal honesty made me very uncomfortable, and many of the descriptions made my insides churn. Although I did experience major discomfort, and on occasion had to put the book down, reading it was an incredible experience. Some chapters brought angry tears to my eyes, while others made me laugh at the irony and hypocrisy laced throughout the authority figures in the story. This story forced me to endure an experience I could not through any other venue. Of course my initial reactions are all obvious questions: Who/what is killing these women, why, and how can people just let this happen? Accompanying these questions are anger, fear, sadness, and enthusiastic curiosity. The book contains a hypothesis about the killings of the women, and perhaps it is close to the truth, but it makes me wonder even more. The theories presented by different characters in the book could also be valid explanations as well, but how will the mystery be solved? No one powerful seems to have any interest in these poor women and girls. Not only are they ignoring the investigations, they are hindering attempts of progress. This is extremely frustrating. As a young woman, it scares me that in some parts of the world our population is not only under- appreciated, but so brutally objectified and violated.
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final paper outline - FINAL PAPER PROMPT How do the films...

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