review gender and equality

review gender and equality - Gender Inequality Reading •...

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Unformatted text preview: Gender Inequality Reading • Sociologists use the word sex to denote the biological difference between males and females • They use they word gender to identify the entire corpus of socially acquired roles and relationships characterizing men and women in the world?s societies. • The gender relations of a society represent the social and cultural elaborations that society builds onto the biological differences between the sexes • All human societies use sex as a major criterion for assigning individuals to tasks within the social division of labor • All societies have a gender division of labor structured forms of gender inequality and ideological conceptions of masculinity and femininity • Marriage and kinship practices reveal marked gender asymmetry in their organizations • Partilocality and virilocality forms of post martial residence organized through males are approx. 8 times as frequently found as martrilocality and uxorilocality-forms of postmartial residence organized thru females. • Bigmanship is widely found among horticulturalists • The status of women in agrarian societies is generally so low that they are treated like dependent minors • The agrarian world is an almost completely male-centered and male-dominated world • Male dominance is greatest where men monopolize economic production and that gender equality is most nearly approached in foraging societies in which men and women work together to provide subsistence...
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review gender and equality - Gender Inequality Reading •...

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