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Exam #1 Study Guide - COM 391 EXAM 1 REVIEW SHEET DEFINING...

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C OM 391 E XAM 1 R EVIEW S HEET D EFINING S EX ENDER Distinctions between biological sex and gender, gender as a transitional definition W EST IMMERMAN S “D OING G ENDER Ethnomethodological approach, Descriptions of gender, sex and sex category Accountability for gender, “doing gender”, resources & impact, marked vs. unmarked T HEORETICAL A PPROACHES Description of theory, descriptions & distinctions between: biological, psychodynamic, Social learning, cognitive development, symbolic interactionism & standpoint theories Work of Margaret Mead & anthropological theories C OLAPINTO , C ASE OF J OHN /J OAN Reasons feminists originally supported the case, characteristics of John Money Discussion of Money’s medical recommendation, Reiner’s research K ROLOKKE , W AVES OF F EMINISM Work of early feminists, Discussion of 1st wave, Ways suffragists confronted stereotypes Rhetorical arguments, First Backlash, Early to mid 1900s and Post WWII, 2
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  • Spring '07
  • McCormack
  • gender distinctions, androgynous fatherhood Asynchrony, public fatherhood Consequences, MASCULINE MYSTIQUE Description, JOHN/JOAN Reasons feminists

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