legalizeit! - Allison Wiest Argument Paper 12/05/07...

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Allison Wiest Argument Paper 12/05/07 Professor Bradley Legalizing Marijuana Will Help Aid the War on Drugs One of the major problems affecting this country is the abuse of illicit drugs. Drug use is associated with declining health, and increases in violence, crime, and death. Therefore the prohibition of drugs has been put into effect to counter all of these drug related tribulations. But despite the War on Drugs that has been initiated to solve these problems, there has been a rise in transgressions due to the underground, black market sale of these illicit drugs. The number one used drug across the world is marijuana and according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 60 million Americans have used marijuana at least once. The majority of drug sentences consist of petty drug possession, usually marijuana, which clogs jails and the court system. Marijuana has been proven as less addictive than alcohol and cigarettes, and is still targeted as an illegal drug, carrying around this negative stigma. The largest argument against the legalization of marijuana is the “gateway drug” rhetoric. If marijuana users are more likely to get into other harder drugs, this is not a reason to prohibit it, but rather a reason to legalize it. If marijuana was to be legalized, casual users, which is the majority, would not be forced to buy it through a black market dealer, exposing them to criminal behavior, by which also compromises their safety. Ending marijuana prohibition would benefit society by: regulating the drug, thereby making it safer to use; reducing drug related crime; and freeing up time and resources to be used in other areas.
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legalizeit! - Allison Wiest Argument Paper 12/05/07...

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