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In light of our recent discussion about Cain and Abel, I decided that I would express my views on the sacrifices that each of them gave up to God. Cain offered God the fruit of the ground while Abel offered God the best sheep in his flock. Did God deny Cain because he offered bad fruit? Or did God deny Cain because of the curse he had set on Adam? Either way, the Lord accepted Abel’s offering and not Cain’s and Cain
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Unformatted text preview: became extremely angry. His wrath was great and in his anger and jealousy, he killed Abel. Was Cain’s action justified? I think not. If God did not respect Cain’s offering, he had to have a good reason for it. So in my opinion, Cain had to give up some of his worst fruit, possibly rotten, for God. Cain's heart was not in his offering and God let him know it....
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