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As the argument of homosexuality becomes more heated everyday, the huge question still remains: are people born with it, or do they make a choice to be that way? I think that the answer is both. I believe that God has placed inside all of mankind various desires. Some people have different desires than others or stronger desires for certain things. Some people are more inclined to drink alcohol while others are more inclined to smoke or do drugs. People are born with these feelings inside but they have a choice of whether or not to act upon them. Homosexual people are the same way. They are
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Unformatted text preview: born with a feeling that causes them to desire members of the same sex, but must choose whether they act or not. This leads to another topic: Why would God create someone to go to hell? He doesn’t. People are born everyday with various birth defects, ranging from not having an arm to being deaf and blind. The homosexual “gene” is just a type of birth defect in my opinion. Just like some people have to go through life with the inability to walk, homosexual people must go through life while dealing with their own inner temptations....
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