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Cohen and Chappelle 2

Cohen and Chappelle 2 - Tyler Barnes Dr Simrill English...

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Tyler Barnes 12/03/2006 Dr. Simrill English 1102M Attacking Racism and Sexism Through Comedy In our modern society, racism and sexism are two very prevalent issues. Many people cringe at the thought of racist comments while others are afraid of it all together. Sacha Baron Cohen and Dave Chapelle, through their comedic shows and farcical characters, delve deep into the issues that race and sex portray and give people all over the globe a reason to laugh at their own ignorance. Sacha Baron Cohen is a white Jewish male from England, born in 1971. Cohen’s career took off in 1995 when he introduced his own fictional character named Kristo, who eventually turned into his Borat character, to a British television station, Channel 4. Cohen eventually went on to star in his own program, Da Ali G Show based on his character, the white wanna-be gangsta rapper, Ali G. With Ali G, Cohen started to create controversy. Not only did Ali G offend different people with his style, but he also caught a lot of attention by interviewing famous and infamous persons. On his show he generally asked well known individuals from around the world very risque questions regarding sex, race, and religion. All of the individuals, among whom were the Surgeon General C. Everett Coop, Donald Trump, Shaquille O’Neal, and Andy Rooney, were unaware that Ali G was not being serious in his skit. Because of this, Ali G was able to get very real
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responses to his unintelligent questions. Ali G approached taboo subjects and wanted to get sincere responses in order to let the world see the truth their idols had to tell. Bruno is another of Cohen’s characters who appears on Da Ali G Show . Bruno is a gay reporter for a fake fashion show news corporation, who does interviews with random people, often confusing them with his slang terms; he is a very energetic character and he is generally able to compel others to express their homophobia, a phobia that grows in America as the gay community gets larger. The confusion Bruno causes
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Cohen and Chappelle 2 - Tyler Barnes Dr Simrill English...

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