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Polymers - Results and Discussion A 50 mL sample of tap...

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Results and Discussion A 50 mL sample of tap water was heated in a 200 mL beaker to boiling on a hotplate while stirring. 2.000 g of PVA [poly(vinyl) alcohol] was weighed out. The solution was cooled and then heated gently again while the 2.000 g of powdered polymer was sprinkled into it. The final solution was clear and nearly colorless. 10 drops of 0.1% methyl red indicator was added to the PV A solution, turning it yellow (pH 9). .400 g of borax (sodium tetraborate decahydrate) was weighed and mixed in a 50 mL beaker with 10 mL of hot tap water. The solution was prepared to be added to the PV A. Viscosity was then measured before and after the borax solution was added to the PV A by dropping a 5.310 g marble into the solution (in a graduated cylinder; .85 m from the top of the liquid to the bottom) and observing how long it took to reach the bottom. The viscosity equation was used to perform calculations. V = Mass / (Distance) (Time)
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