Theory of Organization Study Guide 2

Theory of Organization Study Guide 2 - Theory of...

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Unformatted text preview: Theory of Organization Study Guide Test 2 Title IX- 1972 No person in the U.S. shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance. Failure to comply results in loss of federal funding Genesis of why Tech no longer has predominantly male sports Civil Rights Act 1964 Title VII sexual harassment illegal Case Study #1 Brown Athletics Cohen vs. Brown University 1991 o Landmark case for Title IX in college athletics o 1997 taken to Supreme Court, Brown found guilty Case Study #2 Drunk is Hired Torg hired drunk, just did it to help him out, couldnt wait for school to take action Took him home to sister, she wanted nothing to do with him o Solved problem at hand Delegation Cant do everything yourself Delegation can be likened to the old tale of the magic pitcher. No matter how much water was poured out, the remaining level was always the same. - Greenwald, Chairman of Dupont Case Study #1 Bill Lavery Tech president Hired Bill Dooley as both athletic director and head football coach o Delegated tasks and b/c of other individuals mistakes, Lavery fired Case Study #2 Drinking Problem on Campus Tech fundraising, Capital Campaign Heavy drinking problems on campus When Steger delegated taking care of problem, decided to throw awareness party (w/ alcohol) on the drillfield o Torg was president at time, and therefore criticized for the party Case Study #3 Sexual Assault w/ Football Player Sexual assault involving Tech football player Student Life Policy o Written in the late summer before the incident (which occurred in the fall, and not reported until the following spring) o Said it was a crime to commit sexual assault Broke assault into two different categories (assault and sexual assault seen as an upgrade in refinement) o Given to students b/t fall and spring (after the incident, and before the report of the incident) 1 st Hearing o Player found guilty of assault o Cant prove sexual assault 2 nd Hearing o Lawyer discovers that S.L.P. not in effect when the crime was committed Case dismissed Delegation of Torg to student affairs o Torg under microscope and publicly scrutinized End Result o Woman filing case lost o V.T. lost o Womans lawyer won (earned notoriety for taking on V.T.) o Football player won o Violence Against Women Act V.T. first case Decision Making Sounds easy, can be difficult Problems w/ decisions o Not always obvious in organizations what most important goal is or what goals are in general Goal of university Goal of specific departments o What are your majors of success Case Studys/Examples College of Engineerings goal enhance quality of education for undergraduates- Measured by: accredidation, how many pass FE...
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Theory of Organization Study Guide 2 - Theory of...

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