Cathedral, 2026

Cathedral, 2026 - o Wife attempted suicide o Robert blind...

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Patrick Garvey What do “Cathedral” and “2026” do with what it means to be human? Both “Cathedral” and “August 2026” build on the idea that to be human is to have imperfections, and show this through the development of plot and character; however, they differ in that in “Cathedral”, the main character improves upon his imperfections while in “August 2026” the once thought perfect house is destroyed by its imperfections. “CATHEDRAL”- Possible themes Nobody is perfect o Husband- stereotypes, smokes, drinks, no friends, insecure
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Unformatted text preview: o Wife- attempted suicide o Robert- blind • To be human is to have imperfections and to undergo change for the better o Husband- stereotypes are shattered by Robert, he “sees” what Robert “sees” o Wife- reestablishes relationship with Robert and her husband “AUGUST 2026: THERE WILL COME SOFT RAINS”-Possible themes • Nobody (nothing) is perfect • All good things must come to an end SIMILARITIES-• Nobody (nothing) is perfect DIFFERENCES-• To undergo change vs. coming to an end...
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