western civ assignment 1 - Andrew Becker 2/22/2008 Western...

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Andrew Becker 2/22/2008 Western Civilization 101 Professor Giannone Assignment #1 The HBO titled “Rome” debuted in August 2005. The series showed the progression of Rome in its beginning, as a Republic, to its highest point, when it was eventually labeled an empire. The series was canceled only after airing its second season, but in its short time that it was still on television, it had made a large impact and collected many awards. There are many similarities between the series “Rome” and what was discussed in our class and readings during this semester. Overall the HBO series Rome was quite historically accurate, except for very minor details which really would not make a historian too angry. One example of this would be that the fact Cicero was not actually killed by Pullo, but was in fact was killed when he was fleeing Italy. Some historically accurate examples would include be Ceasers victory over the Gauls, and his triumphant celebration in which he declared the end of Patrician tyranny. Another example of the historical accuracy of Rome would be the battle of Philippi. At the battle of Philippi, Octavian and Marc Antony plan to
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western civ assignment 1 - Andrew Becker 2/22/2008 Western...

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