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Andrew Becker 10/8/06 Professor Blake Writing 120-43 Movie Review All categories are out of five Stars (Out of five): Plot: Acting: First, let me give you a little background about myself as to why I chose the movie Clerks II to review. I am from a small town in Central New Jersey in Monmouth County. When I was younger I never knew who Kevin Smith, the film director was; to be honest with you, no one really did. I entered Red Bank Catholic High School in the spring of 2002 and learned that the church right next to my high school was used in a movie. That very day I rented the movie Dogma, written by a local film maker named Kevin Smith. Dogma quickly became my favorite movie and throughout my freshmen year of high school I rented all of his other movies. They were witty, funny, filmed
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locally and most of all original. Kevin Smith’s store, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash is also centered in the town I went to high school in. His movie, Chasing Amy was filmed on the streets of Red Bank and the park that I used to play at while a child. Kevin Smith quickly became my favorite film maker. I thought it was really cool that some local Joe Shmoe who grew up in the same area that I have is now famous. Let me bring you up to speed if you haven’t seen the original movie, Clerks. In the beginning we are introduced to Dante, Randal and Jay and Silent Bob. Dante works at the local convenient store, the Quick Stop while Randal works at the movie store, next to where Dante works. As for Jay and Silent Bob, they made their living by selling various mind altering substances. The whole movie is based on the day in the life of Dante and Randal and what happens to them while working. I have eagerly anticipated the sequel to Clerks ever since I heard about it two summers ago on Kevin Smith’s message board. I went into the movie with high expectations because it is the last of the “Jersey Trilogy” (Which in fact isn’t even a trilogy to begin with; there are five movies in the “trilogy”) The very first scene begins with Dante opening the shudders of the Quick Stop in preparation for opening the store. When the shudders are opened it is revealed that the whole convenience store is up in flames. This happened because Randal left the coffee pot warmer on all night which led to a fire that would burn down the store. This leaves both Dante and Randal in a predicament, where are they going to work now? One year later we see both Dante and Randal find work at a fast food restaurant named Mooby’s. It is at this point in the movie that we are introduced to Becky, played by Rosario
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Effective Writing - Movie Review - Andrew Becker 10/8/06...

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