Art History Notes 2.5

Art History Notes 2.5 - 19th Century Jericho...

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3/11/08 19th Century Jericho Romanticism subgroup: Neo-Baroque: dramatic lighting, strong diagonals, needs an audience, figure on top looking outside of the frame, unstable (raft in ocean) History painting: captain of this ship was a royalist, incompetent (political under current) Influenced by Michelangelo (idealized nudes, documentary), Caravaggio (tenebrism) Delacroix, Liberty Leading the People, July 29, 1830-1830 Follower of Jericho Response to French Revolution of 1830 (when bourbons are overthrown) Artist himself was conservative, wealthy, self- driven, no need to work, amazed by the courage of the people in the streets (fighting) Figure looking up is dressed in blue, white and red (the flag) dying-consumed by the vision of liberty (shown here as an allegory- personification of an abstract idea). Liberty figure was called Mary-Anne (like our Uncle Sam), shown with dress falling because she is focusing on more important things, reference to the Amazons ON TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the back of French currency before the euro Neo-baroque One of the last times an artist successfully combines the realistic with the imaginary (as people become less likely to accept imagined things) Ingres, The Grande Odalisque, 1814 Oriental style Odalisque: female member of a harem, i.e. concubine of sulatan Orientalism: European fascination with the near or middle east , particularly its erotic or violent aspects Acceptable to show oriental woman nude (male fantasy of available sexuality Enjoyed showing women from behind Ingres, Madame Desire Raoul-Rochette, 1830 Bourgeois cliental William Turner, Snowstorm: Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps, 1812 Landscapes become VERY popular-a vehicle for ideas during romanticism
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Art History Notes 2.5 - 19th Century Jericho...

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