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New Jersey Presentation - Table of Contents Common negative...

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Unformatted text preview: Table of Contents Common negative misconceptions about New Jersey • • What makes New Jersey good? •Famous Residents •Conclusion Common Misconceptions about New Jersey Pollution The is rampant Beaches are dirty Judging New Jersey because of Camden New Jersey people are rude/bad drivers • New Jersey has hundreds of clean beaches • Plenty of job opportunities • Most of them are 100% • You can tan….for free! Seaside Heights (Senior Trip Location) Point Pleasant Boardwalk Atlantic City (Legal Gambling!!) Six Flags Great Adventure • Close drive from Philadelphia and New York • Has over 70 attractions including 13 world famous roller coasters • Great place for thrill seekers • Stories of local legends, abandoned places, and ghost stories • Hundreds of locations around NJ • Most places are accessible to public •Bruce Springsteen Jon Bon Jovi •Frank Sinatra Jack Nicholson •Ice-T Copperfield David •Kevin Smith • Created “Jay & Silent Bob • Wrote and Directed: • Clerks • Dogma • Mallrats etc. • Runs and owns a comic book store “Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret New Jersey has safe and clean beaches Seaside heights and Pt. Pleasant are very popular Many famous people reside in NJ Hundreds of myths and “weird” places to visit We are all nice people, we just get a bad reputation ...
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