passion - spiritual plot about whether or not everything...

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Randy Cox Passion Speech Good Evening I love to watch movies. I have the movie pass at Blockbuster so I see a lot of movies. I will sit at home and watch a movie, or I will go to the theater to catch a flick, it doesn't matter to me. I will even go alone. Most people think that going to a movie alone is weird, but when you go with people you never talk, and if you do all you say is stuff like, "Wow, that preview was awesome." I will watch any kind of movie. I. (Main point) My favorite kinds of movies are drama, action and comedy. A. I am not a big Horror movie guy. 1.I don't like putting myself in the position to be held suspense, waiting for the guy to pop out of the door, or behind the chick in the mirror. B. I like drama and action movies because they usually, but not always, have a little deeper plot. They are usually the movies that get you thinking. C. Drama and action flicks are also more likely to have a spiritual side to them. 1. example - Signs, not one of my favorites, but it had a good
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Unformatted text preview: spiritual plot about whether or not everything happens for a reason. D. I like comedies because I love to laugh. I can find almost everything to be funny. It is awesome. Speaking of laughter (transition) II. Laughing is really good for you. A. The University of Maryland School of Medicine showed that laughter can actually help prevent heart disease. ( B. Another study by Texas A&M showed that people who laugh a lot are better at coping and handling stress. ( III. I usually watch at least one movie a night. A. Sometimes, if I have no homework or anything I will watch two. B. I usually watch movies before I go to bed. 1. This helps me to chill out and relax. C. Along with shooting, movies are another way I deal with stress. 1. I can just sit down and watch a movie when I am upset, and it usually makes me feel better. D. Some of my favorites are 1. Blow - Johnny Depp 2. Juno 3. Into the Wild 4. Superbad...
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passion - spiritual plot about whether or not everything...

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