Immigration outline

Immigration outline - e. There was very little dispute...

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Immigration – A Threat to National Security I. Introduction a. "The reality is that hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world are successfully sneaking into the United States ," said Dave Stoddard, a 27- year Border Patrol veteran. b. What is Immigration c. Thesis i. Throughout history, border control has been an issue in many countries, but in the last few decades, it has become threat to National security in the United States. II. Example of Immigration in other countries. a. How Immigration/Amnesty ruined the Western Roman Empire III. The history of Immigration in America a. Immigration “built” America b. What is the “Melting Pot”
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c. The famine in Ireland d. Most immigrants came from European countries. (farmers)
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Unformatted text preview: e. There was very little dispute about whether or not immigrant farmers were useful. i. There was a lot of land ii. There was a necessity of conquering an empty continent f. Immigrant Artisans and businessmen i. There was room for everyone in America ii. There was no competition for a while IV. Regional Immigration a. Where do immigrants come from? b. 2005 stats V. Illegal immigration a. Stats b. Stats on the Crime among illegal Immigrants. c. Should we be making more of an effort to protect the Mexican border? d. Why do people think that it is ok to let illegal immigrant into America? e. Why is illegal immigration a threat to national security VI. Conclusion a. Restate Thesis...
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Immigration outline - e. There was very little dispute...

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