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Harry Miller Professor Eastman 2/14/08 The Good, The Bad, and The Sleepy Everybody sleeps. This is a fact of life. The old, the young, the rich, the poor; they all sleep. It is just one of those things that unites us. But we’re all different right? Everybody has different habits when they sleep (or don’t). Most people might not even realize their habits or the habits of others, but I have spent many nights at sleepovers and the like and have noticed different trends that people show in their sleeping habits. These habits aren’t just what they do while sleeping but also what they do in order to get ready for sleep. I have, therefore, decided to categorize them so you can see where you and your friends fall and hopefully realize some of the dangers you may face when sleeping in the proximity of them. These categories include The Scheduler, The Perpetually Passed Out, The Insomniac, and The Restless. The Scheduler: This is that person that you see walking around with their day planners out seeing exactly what is going to happen next and for precisely how long it will be happening. They go about their day by what their schedule says and their nights are no different. They know that it takes ten minutes and twenty seven seconds to walk from Chemistry to Physics. They know it takes twelve minutes and thirty seconds (take off four minutes if they can catch the bus) to go from Physics back to their dorm room. This kind of obsession with time makes them a force to be reckoned with if you even think about throwing them off their schedule. They not only get cranky when you do so but can also get violent.
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When the Scheduler is getting ready to hit the hay they follow a very strict routine that must be done or they won’t have a chance of getting to sleep. After finishing all of their homework (and probably more than needed) they change into their (very plain)
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Sleepers - Harry Miller Professor Eastman The Good The Bad...

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