My iPod - Harry Miller 2/1/08 Professor Eastman My iPod I...

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Harry Miller 2/1/08 Professor Eastman My iPod I can clearly remember the first time I got my iPod. It was Christmas of ’05 and I had been dropping very subtle hints to my father about me wanting an iPod. “But both Nathan AND Emily have one!” I would say. Smooth right? I first started opening presents with the iPod shape, but started to become disappointed as the first couple weren’t even close to being the item I was so looking forward to. Finally I got to my last present and to my (semi) surprise, there was the smooth, sleek, shiny casing to the object of my unbridled adoration. As I flipped it over in my hands in an attempt to take in the glorious sight I took notice of the 20GB on the bottom. Wow, 20GB…that’s 5000 songs, more than I’ll ever need. Then I stared into my reflection, with my smile, seemingly, filling up my entire face. I had to suffer as my Dad insisted on showing me the basics of using it. Now with my dad what is normally a five-minute explanation becomes a half hour of rambling that I tend to block out twenty minutes of. With the anticipation building inside me, my dad finally finishes saying something about toast I think as I nodded my head in unquestioning agreement. At last my dad let go of my iPod and I had it all to myself. As the years passed my iPod became like an extra appendage that grew out of the pockets of whatever pants I happened to be wearing and then connected to my ears. Wherever I went my iPod came with me, secure in the back left pocket so as not to acquire any scratches from the various objects I cram in my front two. I would go on long walks or bike rides for hours.
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My iPod - Harry Miller 2/1/08 Professor Eastman My iPod I...

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