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Harry Miller Professor Eastman 3/26/08 America’s Drinking Age College students drink and the drinking age being 21 doesn’t stop them . So many of the students believe that the drinking age should just be changed to 18, but I believe that this would cause too many problems . The drinking age of 21 makes people under that age be more careful when they drink . When they drink they always make sure that they have a place to stay, they keep out of cars, and they are usually quieter in public so they don’t draw attention to themselves, and if it were changed they might possibly lose these habits of caution for a period of time . The weeks following a change of the drinking age could be disastrous to different people and aspects of society . If the drinking age in the US is changed to 18 I believe there will be devastating consequences on college student’s health and drinking habits, driving, police departments, and kids in high school and younger . Many students think that the drinking age should be changed to 18 simply because it doesn’t stop them anyway . What they do not think about is how the first few weeks of this law change would affect any safe or cautious drinking habits they may have developed . With the drinking age being 21 anyone who is underage has to be careful when they drink so they don’t get caught . The first thing that they should and probably learn is the amount of alcohol they are able to consume and still be safe . This is the most
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invaluable skill that they would be able to learn . One thing they may do is drink in a friendly, safe environment such as a friend’s apartment . This is a place that they know the people will take care of them and keep them safe . Another safe habit they might develop is how to act in public . When people get drunk they can become belligerent and can cause trouble . The underage drinker may learn how to act properly in public so as not to draw any unwanted attention . Now if the drinking age were to be changed to 18 these habits will be lost, at least
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Drinkin Age - Harry Miller Professor Eastman 3/26/08...

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