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Most Common Verbal Constructions (with verbs and preposition) PARLARE CON+qlcn PER+infinitive A+qlcn DI+qlcs AVERE BISOGNO/VOGLIA DI+qlcn/qlcs DI+infinitive ESSERE FAMOSO PER+qlcs PIACERE qlcs +infinitive FARE qlcs PRESTARE qlcs A+qlcn VIVERE IN+qlcs PER+infinitive RECITARE IN+qlcs USCIRE CON+qlcn/qlcs PER+infinitive
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Unformatted text preview: INIZIARE DA+qlcs A+infinitive POTERE/VOLERE/DOVERE +infinitive PENSARE A+qlcn DI+infinitive AMARE qlcn +infinitive ESSERE VIETATO/PROIBITO +infinitive COMINCIARE qlcs A+infinitive DECIDERE qlcs DI+infinitive DIRE qlcs A qlcn DI+infinitive...
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