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Vocabolario Unità 2 SOSTANTIVI affito rent amico friend bagno bathroom balcone m. balcony bicicletta bicycle calcio soccer; kick camera da letto bedroom cantante m./ f. singer concerto concert cucina kitchen destra right festa party; feast; holiday fine settimana m. week end letto bed lezione f. lesson mattina morning problema m. problem ripostiglio storeroom, closet salotto living room sera evening settimana week sinistra left soggiorno living room stadio stadium studio study teatro theater volta time, instance, occasion AGGETTIVI comodo comfortable costoso expensive, costly facile easy fortunato lucky grave harsh, severe, serious libero free piccolo small sportivo sporting, sports stanco tired VERBI (-ARE) amare to love ballare to dance comprare to buy entrare to enter giocare to play mangiare to eat pagare to pay pensare to think tornare to return trovare* to find VERBI (-ERE)
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