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Essay 4 organization questions

Essay 4 organization questions - 4 I noticed that Morgan...

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Jacob Sutker Peter Bailey October 22, 2006 FWS Organization Questions Topic: Pemberton’s moral failure in regards to Morgan – focused on the last few pages of The Pupil 1. I noticed that James includes detailed description of how cute and “boyish” Morgan made himself appear to Pemberton. How does this play a role in Pemberton’s moral failure at the end of the story? 2. How is Pemberton’s “pretending not to understand” Mrs. Moreen accounted for in making his ultimate decision (or lack there of)? 3. How is Pemberton’s immediate lack of interest or hesitation at the end of the story important to the cause of Morgan’s death?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. I noticed that Morgan “enthusiastically” makes his last comment to Pemberton. Does this play a role in Pemberton’s pause/moral failure in regards to Morgan? Possibly causing Morgan’s death? 5. After Morgan’s death, I noticed that Pemberton’s comments make it seem that he is somewhat sure of the reason for Morgan’s death. He claims “he couldn’t stand it, with his infirmity…the shock, the whole scene, the violent emotion.” If these were so obvious, is it possible that as being his teacher and companion he could have changed the emotion in the room and saved Morgan? A possible failure?...
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