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Vocabolario Unità 1 SOSTANTIVI l’agenzia agency l’aspetto appearance il carattere character, nature la domanda question la donna lady l’edicola newsstand la farmacia pharmacy la fermata stop il metro subway l’orario timetable, schedule il palazzo palace l’uomo (uomini) man la via street AGGETTIVI allegro happy antipatico disagreeable, unpleasant gentile kind, polite grasso fat importante important magro thin simpatico nice, likeable triste sad VERBI (-ARE) abitare to live andare to go arrivare to arrive ascoltare to listen aspettare to wait for cominciare to begin dare to give fare to do, make guardare to look at, watch lavorare to work parlare to speak, talk portare to bring, carry stare to stay studiare to study telefonare (a) to telephone visitare to visit VERBI (-ERE) chiedere
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