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Engineering Organizations Presentation On Wednesday, October 24, 2007 we were given a presentation on the professional engineering organizations based in the college. UNLV hosts a variety of organizations that engineering students can join and participate in. Some of the organizations include ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers). NSBE is not limited to only African-American students, students of all races and ethnicity can join NSBE. Although not all of the organizations were able to make it to the presentation, the ones that did gave us numerous reasons to join. Some of the reasons for joining a professional organization are networking, scholarships, and experience. Also many of the professional organizations host a multitude of events every year. The events range from job fairs to professional competitions and even to friendly video game tournaments. The professional organization that interested me the most for ACM, because it is a Computer Science group, and I
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Unformatted text preview: am a Computer Science major. Another reason for joining one of these groups is that we can get extra credit in EGG101, which is a good reason. The professional organizations can be joined in various ways, some require that you go to their website, while others allow you to fill out a form. Most of the groups are run by students in their respected majors, and while some groups are small others can be very large and active. Currently the organization that I am interested in is very small, but I plan on joining it and adding at least one more body to the group. The organizations all have meeting, some weekly, and others monthly. At these meetings the organizations ask questions, present their ideas on how to improve something, and many more activities. These activities are great as they can form a firmer bond between students and give them valuable experience in public speaking and presenting....
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