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career orientation presentation

career orientation presentation - We were told that we...

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CAREER ORIENTATION PRESENTATION In our latest presentation we had Mr. Don Snyder talk to us about getting experience relevant to our field. We were given a Backpacks to Briefcases book which has many times on getting internships, improving our resumes, preparing for a job interview and getting the job. One resource that he told us about is the UNLV Career Link which is a job search engine similar to Monster.com. The difference between Monster.com and UNLV Career Link is that at the UNLV site the companies are looking for UNLV students and alumni. Another resource we were told about is the UNLV Recruiting Center located in the Student Services Building on campus. The building is located on the third floor. At this location we can get more information on jobs available on-campus and in the city, at certain time frames we can have mock interviews, which are practice interviews, and can also get networking with local and nation-wide companies. Next we were told on how to improve on our resumes.
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Unformatted text preview: We were told that we should not use a template for our templates as the templates are limited, but should rather create our own. Some of the tips we were given were to make the resume professional, make our name stand out, include our biggest achievements, have a professional e-mail address and the telephone number that we leave on the resume should have a professional voicemail. The next part that we were informed on was how to improve our interview skills. We were told to dress professionally to the interview, even though the company policy on wardrobe may be casual, we should still dress professionally because we don’t work for the company yet. We were also told to come to the interview prepared, have question for the interviewer as well, because we are interviewing the interviewer as much as he is interviewing us. Lastly we were told of the Career Day 2008 event. At this event we will be able to familiarize ourselves with local companies....
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career orientation presentation - We were told that we...

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