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Civil Engineering - Civil Engineering Civil Engineering is...

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Civil Engineering Civil Engineering is the engineering discipline that deals with the analysis, planning, design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure such as highways, railways waterways, pipelines and so on. Civil engineers can specialize in a multitude of different civil engineering professions and those may include: structural engineering, transportation engineering, water management, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering and construction management. Each of the specializations listed deal with a certain type of engineering, for example, a student specializing in structural engineering will design structures such as tall buildings, bridges, dams or stadiums but a student specializing in environmental engineering will design systems to create a cleaner environment or a system to manage air pollution. The Civil Engineering department at UNLV is run by a faculty of 17, which is looked over by Nader Ghafoori, the chairmen of the department. The civil engineering department offers three different
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