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exam2studyguide-F07 - Generalization and Discrimination...

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Exam 2 Study Guide. This outline is meant to help organize your study time for the second exam. It is not meant to represent the entirety of the information to be covered on the exam. I. Neural Communication Intracellular-action potential Intercellular-neurotranmission Agonists vs Antagonists Drugs: types, Examples II. Neuroanatomy Forebrain, Midbrain, Hindbrain Telencephalon, Diencephalon, Mesencephalon, Metencephalon, Myelencephalon *All structures, systems, and functions* III. Stress Sources of stress Acute vs chronic Stress Response SNS, HPA axis Selye’s 3-phase adaptation model IV. Stress and Disease Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, PTSD V. Coping Personality, hardiness VI. Classical Conditioning US, UR, CS, CR Delay, Trace, Simultaneous, Backward
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Unformatted text preview: Generalization and Discrimination Extinction and Spontaneous Recovery Higher Order Conditioning VII. Instrumental Conditioning Reinforcement/Punishment Thorndike Schedules of Reinforcement VIII. Cognitive-social Learning Insight Latent learning Observational learning IX. Memory Traditional 3 Stage Model Sensory, STM, LTM Biological Perspectives on Memory LTP, hormones X. Memory Failures Forgetting Ebbinghaus Decay, interference, motivated forgetting Encoding failure, retrieval failure Organic causes We may begin to cover Sensation and Perception (Chapters 6-7), but that material will not be covered on exam 2. So, exam 2 will cover the end of Chapter 4, Chapter 16, Chapter 5 and Chapter 8....
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exam2studyguide-F07 - Generalization and Discrimination...

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