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Kines 135 Exam #1 Review Topics Roles/responsibilities of AT Sports Med Team NATA Domains of AT NATABOC Legal terms Taping/wrapping purposes and principles SAID Flexibility techniques, AROM, PROM Types of contractions Techniques for developing strength NOCSAE PRICE Wound types Components of Rehab Cryo vs thermotherapy Acute vs chronic Fractures - types
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Unformatted text preview: Dislocations/subluxations Sprains/strains-itis’s Phases of healing Anatomy of the ankle/foot Motions Signs vs symptoms Define some common injuries Taping: Ankle, Achilles, Arch, Turf Toe (Approx. 20 min.) Exam will be T/F, Multiple choice, short answer and matching (approx. 65 questions)...
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