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prelab exp 2 - For the fourth trial set up another data...

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Pre-Lab for Exp. #2 Statement of Problem: We must determine the source and concentration of nitrate poisoning. We will do this by using different given samples. Summary of Methods: Set up data table for results in lab notebook and have this approved before beginning. Starting with trial two, obtain the two samples of potassium nitrate and pour each into different flasks to it’s given measures. You will decide and prepare the dilutions for the samples, only after having the chosen plan approved by the TA. Describe your procedure in notebook while you are going through the experiment. Prepare another data table that indicates each solution and it’s concentration in molarity, molality, and ppm. The third trial will begin with putting a drop of the diphenylamine solution with five drops for each serial dilution on a well plate. Record your calculations on the affects.
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Unformatted text preview: For the fourth trial, set up another data table that indicates solution, concentration, and the observations of color change. This color change will occur when test strip is exposed to solution. For the final trial, go back to the first table and record the concentrations of nitrate in the unknown solutions. Data Collection: One chart will contain solely the concentration and source of the nitrate. Another will calculate it’s concentrations in three different units. In the third trial, you are just recording the product of the solutions on the well plate. The fourth trial, you will be observing a color change on the test strip for the concentration level. During each trial the concentrations of nitrate will be measured in different ways. Source Nitrate ion concentration (ppm) Solution Con. Molarity Con. Molality Con. ppm...
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prelab exp 2 - For the fourth trial set up another data...

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