Early Responsibilities for Directors

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Early Responsibilities—The director has 6 major responsibilities Agreeing to direct an offered script or selecting or creating a script Deciding on the text’s interpretation and look and configuration of stage space. o The “spine” of the play Casting actors (90% of the Job) Working with other theatre artists to plan and execute production Rehearsing the actors Coordinating all elements into the final stage performance Directing Styles Preplanned movements, “making pictures” – Director tells actor what to do and
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Unformatted text preview: where to go. • Collaborative approach—actor and director working together • What is the role of an agent • Casting Director • What is meant by the play’s “spine” • What is blocking? –when actor and director talk about how the play will work • “the channeler of ideas” • “there‘s a danger about theatre” Golden Age of Greece—invented western drama-...
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