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Study Guide Exam #1 READING 1. Introduction: Thinking about Drama (pages 1 – 28)) The Poetics - One of the earliest and most influential theories on drama - Aristotle Mimesis - Imitation of an action Drama vs Ritual Most drama stems from dramatic religious ritual This is the case in Egypt, Greece, and Japan Theatres and their effect - As a member of the audience you are part of the production - Suspended Disbelief Genres of Drama 1. Tragedy a. The main character should be larger in spirit than the avg. 2. Comedy a. Old Comedy i. Pokes fun at individuals with social and political power b. New Comedy i. Social satire—makes fun of society c. COMEDY IS NOT ALWAYS FUNNY 3. Tragicomedy a. Serious plays that also hint at society and a relatively happy ending, but too dark to be called a “comedy” Elements of Drama - Character - Theme - Plot Lady Gregory and The Rising of the Moon 2. Greek Drama (pages 29 - 36) Origins of Greek Drama Sophocles and Oedipus Rex 3. Medieval Drama (pages 203 - 209) The Role of the Church Miracle plays - On miracles performed by saints. - Focused on the virgin mary and st. nicholas Mystery plays - Religious plays that dramatized the mystery of Christ’s Passion Morality plays - Do not show moments of the Bible or Christ’s life - Describes the life of normal people facing the temptations of the world 4. Renaissance Drama (pages 262 - 270) Two kinds
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Study Guide Exam #1 - Commedia erudite - 1. More focused on Roman staging and plays 2. Scholarly and learned - Commedia dell’arte 1. Less serious, slapstick humor 2. More popular 5. Elizabethan Drama (266 – 270) Did not aim to specifically teach a moral lesson although there were lessons to be learned The first time acting is a persons only job—professional actors
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Study Guide Exam ONE - Study Guide Exam#1 READING 1...

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