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3/10/08 Women’s Studies 10 Lecture Notes The Future of Feminist Social Movements: Introducing the social construction of crime and the war on drugs 1. Prisons in a political context 2. Who’s locked up in California’s prisons a. Women are the fastest growing population of prisoners b. Women of color (African American more likely than Latinas and more likely than white women) c. Women prisoners are often survivors of abuse and once incarcerated routinely experience sexual harassment d. 80% of women in prison are mothers 3. What are people being locked up for? a. Majority for non-violent crimes i. Drugs – “the War on Drugs” ii. Property offenses – stealing and “survival crimes” 4. Why are majority of women in prison mothers and of color? a. Social construction of crime: creating criminality i. “race used to identify criminals and is embedded in the very foundation of our criminal law” ii. Race used to determine who criminals are, what conduct constitutes a crime and which crimes society treats more seriously 1. Dorothy Roberts, “Crime, Race and Reproduction” Tulane Law Review 5. Codifying Race, Economic Hierarchy, and White Supremacy into Law and Cultural Practice 6. What is White Supremacy? a. …a doctrine of White racial superiorty that justifies discrimination, segregation, and domination of persons of color based on ideaology and belief system that considers all non-White groups racially inferior…it rests on a set of interlocking beliefs and principles that are taught and incalculated into people
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notes 1 - 3/10/08 Women's Studies 10 Lecture Notes The...

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