notes 4 - 2/25/08 Women's Studies Lecture Notes...

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2/25/08 Women’s Studies Lecture Notes REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE 1. Key points a. Politicization of the body i. Body brought into public sphere, meanings and value we attach to the flesh reflect power relationships b. Voluntary motherhood c. Population control v. birth control d. Reproductive rights v. justice (our legal frameworks to privacy) e. Right to privacy f. What is citizenship? What is life? When does it start? What is motherhood? i. Medical/scientific organizations politicize our bodies 2. “I reproduce therefore I am” a. 19 th century turning point: Domestic space of home became idealized, a refuge from a chaotic world, an ideology that permeated throughout society not necessarily a reality b. True womanhood – idealized woman needs to be pure, domestic, and submissive, c. Republican motherhood - mothers of the nation, contributing to the republic, a way for women to gain status, nurturing next generation d. Voluntary motherhood – (Davis) – woman have right to control own family size, right to abstain from sex, to achieve career aspirations, i. Sexual division of labor ii. Wasn’t a movement for women’s right sexual satisfaction, more about unwanted pregnancy iii. Movement when birth control began, passed around through word of mouth, herbal remedies, breast feeding, etc. not until 19 th century that abortion illegal e. Abortion – dangerous, rudimentary procedures, 3. Comstock Laws, Birth Control, Pessaries a. Necessary for women’s personal liberty, for their societal aspirations b. Birth control which cure poverty and class division c. Davis/Smith – saw the fear from influx of immigrants and fear of racial purity for Anglo Saxons harming supremacy of white race so advocated birth control to non-
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notes 4 - 2/25/08 Women's Studies Lecture Notes...

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