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Enzymes procedure Outline

Enzymes procedure Outline - Part 1 1 Turn on the...

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Part 1: 1. Turn on the spectrophotometer, set the wavelength to 540 nm., and allow it to warm up for fifteen minutes. 2. Set up 4 cuvettes with the appropriate contents, make sure to add the enzyme last (do not label in a place that will alter the results from where the spectrometer’s emission light goes): a. Cuvette 1: 2 mL. catechol solution, 3 mL. distilled water. b. Cuvette 2: 1 mL. enzyme solution, 4 mL. distilled water. c. Cuvette 3: 2 mL. catechol solution, 1 mL. enzyme solution, 2 mL. distilled solution. d. Cuvette 4: 5 mL. distilled water. 3. Cover tubes with parafilm, and invert them all. 4. Use cuvette 4 to calibrate spectrophotometer and then get absorbency levels for all cuvettes. 5. After getting readings, place cuvettes into a 37 degree Celsius water bath. 6. Shake cuvettes at five minute mark. 7. After ten minutes, remove cuvettes, wipe exteriors with Kimwipes and place cuvette 4 into spectrophotometer. 8. Re-calibrate the machine and then get absorbency readings for all cuvettes.
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