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Handouts and Homework CS162

Handouts and Homework CS162 - Handouts and Homework Readers...

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Handouts and Homework Readers Reader is available from Copy Central at Hearst and Euclid. It includes both of the following components: o Class Reader (Kubiatowicz, Fall 2007) o Nachos Reader (Kubiatowicz, Fall 2007) Handouts Setting up Subversion (quick start guide) Synchronization Primitives: Implementation and Examples Synchronization Problems Queuing Theory References o Scanned section from "Computer Architecture: A quantitative approach" second edition by Hennesey and Patterson o A bunch of resources on Queuing Theory Fast FileSystem: o A Fast File System for UNIX . M. McKusick, W. Joy, S. Leffler, and R. Fabry. ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, Vol 2, No 3, August 1984, Pages 181- 197 Byzantine Generals Problem/Agreement o The Byzantine Generals Problem . Leslie Lamport, Robert Shostak, and Marshall Pease. ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems, Vol 4, No. 3, July 1982, Pages 382-401 o Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance. Miguel Castro and Barbara Liskov. In
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