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Urogenital papilla– external - females only just ventral to anus Scrotum – external – males only, thin and puffy slightly rounded near hind legs Epitrichum – external – outer layer of skin Umbilical cord - external Alantoic stalk – seen when the umbilical cord is cut off Diaphragm – digestive – separates the thoracic and abdominal cavities Liver – digestive – right under diaphragm, abdominal cavity Placenta – digestive – connection between placenta and middle of liver by umbilical vein Gall bladder – digestive – under left side of liver, little sac Small intestine (duodenum) – digestive – connected to stomach Spleen – circulatory – right of the stomach, flappy Stomach – digestive – under the liver Pyloric sphincter – digestive – between the stomach and small intestine Pancreas – digestive – between the stomach and the small intestine; a white granular organ Caecum – digestive – sac at the junction of large and small intestine
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