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Chapter 5 14. What does “being there” mean for these women? Provide several examples. - the kids can ask them anything they want, seeing toddlers through milestones of walking, talking and potty training, for a school-aged child it includes getting the kids to school on time, helping them with homework, making sure there is at least enough money for school field trips, a few new clothes, school supplies, and for adolescents it is keeping them out of trouble in the streets as long as possible 15. What are some differences between middle class mothers and poor mothers in the ways they approach parenting/motherhood? -poor mothers discontinue splurging on themselves at all, whereas middle class mothers can still spend money on themselves (self-sacrifice), instead of enrolling them in activities they try to instill values in their kids (they can’t afford all of the
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Unformatted text preview: extra sports, musical lessons) 16. How did the women view marriage? Were there any differences among the women’s perspectives? -marriage is what needs careful planning as opposed to bearing children Chapter 6 17. For poor mothers, what do children provide for them?- a sense of responsibility and maturity, they credit their children for anything positive in their lives, they give the mothers a sense of purpose in their lives 18. Why do middle class women find it so hard to believe the stories of these women?- middle class women don’t realize that these women didn’t have any opportunities to begin with, so their lives aren’t really altered by having kids. They also don’t realize how rewarding the experience of having kids can be when it is not planned...
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