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Plant Physiology – Water Movement, Ion Transport, Long Distance Transport; Lectures: Feb.4-8, 2008 Learning Objectives for your Discussion Section: Explain the mechanisms by which inorganic ions are absorbed by the root and transported throughout the plant. Describe the pathway, driving force and resistances involved in water movement, from soil to atmosphere, through plants. Explain the mechanisms that plant cells use to compete with their surroundings for water. Describe the properties of water- how plants use this to their advantage Discuss the gradients and movement of ions across membranes Review Questions: Directions: These questions are to help you review the material. Answering all of them is strongly recommended. The questions that are in bold and marked with a star (*) are required for discussion preparation. 1. Cellular (micro) Level - Comparing and contrasting the differences of xylem and phloem: a) * What 2 types of conductive cells are found in xylem tissue? What are the properties of xylem tissue that allow them to transport water and minerals? Does water only flow vertically in the xylem? Tracheids and vessel elements
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Discussion_Questions_Week2 - Plant Physiology Water...

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