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3/31/08 History 253 Lecture Historical Moments in the Problem of Selfhood (Liehnost) The “acute” problem From traditional values to modern western materliasm “newman” “Linguistic revolution” 1836= “Turning Point” Making R modern The Crisis in R Selfhood/personality “Image and likeness” = Thedogical anthropology The enlightenment attack Hegel and Marx Marx 3 stages of history 1. Feudalism 2. Capitalism 3. Communism With communism being the goal, the telos Author Reader Article Quote Summary Hellbeck 7 “Contiousness in turn had the power to propel History forward” Footnote- Thadd Page 12 in Reader Limits Shapes and Molds way people think by making them believe history is unfolding based on laws which affects the way Russians act 8 You have to move through certain stages and shed your past Marx 13 R Religion is prehistorical Subject Historical Moments and Problem of Selfhood
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Unformatted text preview: 1 “By the middle of the last century the problem of selfhood (Lichnost) became evident”……”Towards the end of the 18 th and beginning of 19 th century the the validity of orthodox anthropology came into question” “Rousseau’s anthropology Orthodox anthropology vs. enlightenment anthropology (Rousseau) Scared of Rousseau’s argument that men are inherently good. It’s the society the corrupts people. It’s a moral obligation to destroy the autocracy 3 “ Definition of Lichnost 4 “This meaning, defined as the relation of one person to another, was still in the 1984 dictionary, but now it is not there” “The main extension of the Political change in the meaning of lichnost words meaning happened in the 1820’s when the notion of a unique individual superseded that of a person.”...
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history253lect33108 - 1 “By the middle of the last...

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