348march26 - (1 Gios Rouge ii Labor intensive f Mountain...

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History 348 Lect. 3/26/08 1. Geographical Diversity 2. Occupational Diversity and Migration 3. Economic Crisis (1880’s) a. Wheat b. Phylloxera 4. Peasants and politics a. From Bottom up b. Backward c. Urban influence model Terms Paris Basin-Large plots of land, few share croppers, best land for farming The West-normandy area, more large land owners, potatoes, apples, no wine, avg soil Provence Anjeudoc Mountain agriculture Massif Central Bourbonnais-region in France Piquer (Piquette)-----Northern Wine, it was terrible so they stopped trying Chabrol-put wine in your soup (since wine was so bad) boraje Things that separate France Large Land owning peasantry Share Croppers Dropping Tennant Farmers Increasing 1) Geographical Diversity a) Paris Basin b) The West c) Massif Central i) Farmer in Appalachia (1) Very Poor (2) Out migration d) Provence i) Wine growing area ii) Fruits and veggies iii) Olives-olive oils iv) Square Fields (1) Days worth in roman time e) Lanjuedoc i) Wine Growing on large scale (But poor wines, MASS CONSUMPTION WINES)
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Unformatted text preview: (1) Gios Rouge ii) Labor intensive f) Mountain Agriculture in alps and Pyrenees i) Self Sufficient (1) Cows or sheep herding ii) Pyrenees (1) Transhumance (a) In summer when they go up to pasture 2) Occupational Diversity and migration a) Pluriactivity-multiple jobs at sametime i) Women as glove makers b) Keeping the peasantry past UK i) Pluriactivity roots industrialization with agriculture not against it 3) Migration a) Permanent Migrations i) 1850s-1860s (1) Migrate internally (hence why few French migrated to US in 19 th century) b) Temporary Migrations i) People in center of the country would migrate to Paris to work in construction (1) Masons (from Creuse) (a) Work land in summer leave in September and walk to Paris (2) Other industries (a) Taxy drivers (b) Coal delivers ii) Disappear after WWI 4) Economic Crisis (1880’s) a) 2 Characteristics i) Wheat prics falls (to much supply, tsansportainon inceasted...
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348march26 - (1 Gios Rouge ii Labor intensive f Mountain...

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