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Lecture 265 Andrew Van Handel March 12, 2008 The Russian Conquest of Central Asia, Reform and Revolution 1) USSR a) Gleason----Divide and Conquer i) Separated lines of state were to separate people (1) States didn’t have to be the way they are today…but they are 2) Timeline a) 1917-October Revolution b) 1918-1921 Russian Civil war c) 1918-1924 LENIN d) Late 1924-Turkmen and Uzbek republics carved out of Central Asian part of RSFSR e) 1929-Tajik republic separated from Uzbek republic f) 1936-Kazakh and Kirghiz republics carved out of Central Aisian part (Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia created) i) Constitution of 1936 is what makes it all official g) 1939-1945 World War II h) 1953-64 Khrushchev i) 1964-1982-Brezhnev j) 1985-91 Gorbachev
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Unformatted text preview: k) August 1991-Failed putsch in Moscow l) December 25- 1991-Dissolution of USSR 3) Famine during time hurt Kazakhs a) Unveiling women i) Actually became heavier veiled after Russia invasion (Avoid being confused with prostitutes) (1) Communist elites would show wives off unveiled (a) But then would come home and beat or kill them 4) WWII a) SOVIET UNION LOST 25 MILLION PEOPLE BUT WON WWII i) Many surrendered to Germans (1) Many of the things from north moved to central Asia (a) Leads to USSR now wanting to gain loyalty by promoting nationalization 5) 1950s breath of fresh air a) Khrushchev denounces Stalin 6) 64-82 a) Improvement in command economy 7) Strong Leaders...
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