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Discussion 265 Andrew Van Handel March 11, 2008 Soviet Influence Pre 1917 1) Revolution 0f 1905 a) Bring in 4 dumas and fires them b) Go door to door in Central Asia to get Power i) Support from intelligencia (a) Jadids (i) Later killed by Bolsheviks ii) Immediate USSR Reform (1) Bukhara gets to maintain its own amenity, Bukarahan socials soviet republic (a) 5 years later they kill the inteligencia for not becoming Uzbekistan (i) Military Service not required of Colonies 1. Locals throw a fit a. Tsar says they’ll use them in non-combat situations (2) Soviets Break em Up (a) Rally to unify under Turkmenistan/Kazakhstan (i) First Abuja uprising 1918 1. Armenians sent in by Russians to payback Turks a. Kill 1,000-1,200 Civilians 2. Happens again a. 1995 b. 2005 (b) Next is Bukhara incident (c) Form borders without asking central Asians
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Influences of Soviet Policies a) Anti-Islamic Campaign i) Send wives out without veil-We’re all equal (1) Beat wives for going out without veil despite being the ones that tell them too (a) Happens a lot (CRIMES OF TRADITION) b) Collectivization (1930’s) i) Lenin’s Capital Communism changed by Stalin (1) Agriculture feels the collectivization (a) Kulaks are without a job (i) Rest of people struggle to farm 1. Agriculture drops flat (ii) Kulaks kill livestock and burn fields to get back at Soviets 1. This is majority of exile/deportation c) Equal Opportunity for women d) Equal Opportunity for education (1907 but soviets add more pressure) e) Everyone needs to belong to communist party...
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