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Lecture 265 - (c Students in half native/half Russian...

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Lecture 265 Andrew Van Handel March 3, 2008 The Russian Conquest of Central Asia, Reform and Revolution 1) Turkish inclusion to Russian Empire a) As early at 1552 as late as 1844 i) How? (1) Set up cities (a) Destroyed Mosques (b) Forced baptism of tatars (c) Displaced ethnic populations (d) First time in charge of non-slavic non-christians (e) 1600’s 1700’s (i) Waves of liberalization and waves of conservative thinking (f) 1800’s (i) Rather than micromanaging they try to remove Islam as force in public sphere 1. no longer Islamic Judges or Police a. Rather Liberal Thinking (2) Russian’s looked to as models of reform (a) Chokan Valikhanov-grandson of the last hold of the horde (i) assimilated into Russian society 1. could be used to bring culture to Kazakhs 2. People no Russian better than Russians 3. Wrote Kazakh anothology a. Writes about the important of knowledge (ii) His teachers were worried about not becoming educated (b) S (i) Page 117 Abaj’s raslations
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Unformatted text preview: (c) Students in half native/half Russian curriculum (i) Fitrat 1. Tale’s of the Indian Traveler a. Talking about what he sees in Bukhara b. Acceptable criticism because it’s a foreign Muslim i. Public Health ii. Local Doctors iii. Get a Russian Doctor (ii) Behbudi (iii) Mananar Qari (iv)Ahmad Danish 1. Cultural Reform a. No more debt for large feasts b. Education versus boys and girls c. Arguments against doweries *marrying girls off to rich old men d. Concerned that they had fallen behind i. Criticism ii. Islamic Government and Education iii. Embrace aspects of modernity ii) Impact (1) Literacy/Nationalism (a) 1910-1920 (i) Modern Schools finally develop in south (ii) (2) Outside ideas though are separated and diverse (a) Think NYC versus Appalachia (3) Loss of Languages (a) Areas speak Russian (i) Over generations khazak and Uzbeck started to die down (4) Street and sanitary systems...
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Lecture 265 - (c Students in half native/half Russian...

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